Tesla Model 3 sets another record in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is proving to be one of the Tesla Model 3’s most high volume markets, as reports show that the country has registered over 6,000 cars in Q3.

This number is staggering considering the country has registered its 10,000th Model 3 just a week and a half ago on September 17. This would mean that more than 60% of the Model 3 vehicles registered in the Netherlands have come from Q3 orders alone.

Reports have stated that in Q3, Tesla has sold 6,251 vehicles as a company. 96.8% of them have been the Tesla Model 3. September has been the month where the Model 3 has shown its dominance in Holland’s market, as 35% of the country’s Model 3 registrations have come in September alone. Yesterday, September 25, was the highest sales day for the car, racking up over 10% of the month’s total registrations.

Tesla’s Model 3 recently became the Netherlands’ most popular vehicle, surpassing the VW Polo. The Polo is not available in the U.S., but it is one of the best selling cars in Europe, Africa, and Asia, selling over 12 million units worldwide. It is a gas-powered vehicle, and there is no word on whether or not the German automaker will produce an electric version in the future. VW executive Herbert Diess recently gained praise from Tesla CEO Elon Musk due to his ever-growing support of the electric mission. However, the electric vehicle revolution seems to be growing quickly amongst the World’s inhabitants, especially in Europe.

Driving factors seem to be the continent’s ban on petrol-powered vehicles. A total of 8 European countries, including the Netherlands and Sweden, have already passed legislation that would outlaw the sale of gas vehicles in the future, a step that could be extremely beneficial to the world’s environmental goals, especially the Paris Agreement. Both the Netherlands’ and Sweden’s ban on petrol begins in 2030.

Model 3 has already skyrocketed in popularity across the world, and Tesla sales, in general, have done exceptionally well in Europe. In Germany, Tesla sales have skyrocketed to over 400%. In the U.K., the Model 3 is a top-3 selling vehicle.

Tesla Model 3 sets another record in the Netherlands
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