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Tesla Model 3 becomes #1 best-selling car in Switzerland in March, bar none

Sales reports from Switzerland have revealed that the Tesla Model 3 was the country’s #1 best-selling car in March 2019, bar none. This marked the first time that an all-electric vehicle was able to top the country’s sales charts, which include vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine.

Tesla sold 1,094 units of the Model 3 in Switzerland last month, as indicated by the numbers of sales statistics site Auto Schweiz. The Model 3’s figures were around 27% higher than the second-ranking vehicle in the country, the widely popular Skoda Octavia, which sold 801 units in March. The Model 3’s feat represented significant milestones for the Silicon Valley-based automaker, as it was able to achieve a record market share of 4.3% in Switzerland’s auto market. These are impressive figures, especially since deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 only started in February.

The Model 3’s strong performance in Switzerland bodes well for the inherent demand for the vehicle, particularly as the country does not offer incentives for consumers purchasing electric cars. For the Model 3 to perform well among Swiss car buyers, it needed to impress potential customers. Based on the vehicle’s March 2019 sales figures, it appears that the electric sedan has done just that.

The news of the Model 3’s feats in Switzerland comes not long after it was revealed that the vehicle helped Norway set new records in March. Norway made history last month when the Norwegian Road Federation (NRF) stated that nearly 60% of all vehicles sold in the country were all-electric. Over March, Norway registered over 18,000 vehicles, 10,316 of which were all-electric. Among this number, 5,315 were Tesla Model 3.

It should be noted that Tesla’s international push for the Model 3 is only beginning, with the company so far only sending the vehicle to several European territories and China. Tesla is expected to deliver the Model 3 to other regions this year, such as those that utilize right-hand-drive vehicles. While concerns are abounding among Tesla’s skeptics in the United States about the Model 3’s demand, it seems simply far too early to dismiss the potential of the electric vehicle in the international market just yet.

Elon Musk himself admits that the Model Y SUV will likely outsell the Model 3 when it starts getting released. Nevertheless, the all-electric sedan will likely maintain strong sales figures, thanks to territories like Europe, which still host a healthy sedan market. This was emphasized by Tesla in its Q3 2018 Update Letter, when the company noted that the “mid-sized premium sedan market in Europe is “more than twice as big as the same segment in the US.”

Tesla Model 3 becomes #1 best-selling car in Switzerland in March, bar none
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