Tesla sets personal record for sales in Norway amid European Model 3 ramp

Tesla has set a personal record for total number of combined vehicle sales in Norway.

Vehicle registrations by Tesla owners in Norway reveal that over 2,500 Model S, Model X, and Model 3 have been sold in the first three weeks of March this year. This tops a previous record set in December 2017 when the electric carmaker made a strong year-end push and registered 2,461 Model S and Model X sold.

Tesla began the European push of its mass-market sedan earlier this year, which is evident in the number of Model 3 vehicles being registered increasing by the month. In March alone, 88% of all Tesla registrations have been Model 3, according to tracking site

It’s no surprise that the Model 3 continues to grow in popularity worldwide.
In California, for example, Tesla was the number one selling alternative powertrain brand, representing 29.3% of the total market in 2018.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance received rave reviews by popular local Norwegian automotive site as well. “Tesla comes with features you didn’t know you needed – and after a while you don’t realize that you’ve managed without,” it concluded, referring to the vehicle’s finesse. “After a few hours in a Model 3, all other driving environments become prehistoric.”

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Tesla was touted for its extensive network of Superchargers which give Tesla owners a “solid lead” over other EV owners, its unbeatable performance for the price (particularly its 0-100 kph time), and the trunk space (albeit a bit narrow and high to reach). The Model 3’s deck noise wasn’t liked; however, the vehicle’s sound system more than compensated, according to the review.

Tesla’s has been building up its Model 3-specific CCS Supercharger Network in the European region as part of its strategy to saturate the market with the vehicle. Tesla CCS Superchargers first appeared in Norway at the beginning of 2019, and upgrades to the 250 kW, 1,000 mph Supercharger V3 are expected be coming soon to stations internationally by the end of the year, per CEO Elon Musk during the Model Y unveiling event.

According to Musk, the standard range/base version of the Model 3 is estimated to be available to European customers in about six months. The surprising introduction of the affordable variation of the already popular vehicle in the US market recently bodes well for international customers awaiting their own chance to purchase the more affordable Tesla. Currently, an estimated 3,000 Tesla vehicles are reported to be shipping on a weekly basis to Europe and arriving at the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium.

Tesla sets personal record for sales in Norway amid European Model 3 ramp
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