Tesla streamlines Model 3 event check-in process with custom QR code for attendees

Attendees of Friday’s Tesla Model 3 Delivery Event at the company’s Fremont factory will be required to present their unique QR code before being allowed entrance into the exclusive event. The move is seen as a way for Tesla to streamline the check-in process for invitees and their guests to what’s expected to be more of a Tesla employee celebration party.

The anticipated event which will take place at an outdoor venue set up outside of the main factory, and live streamed on CEO Elon Musk will provide remarks beginning at 9PM Pacific (4AM GMT).

Based on our experiences from past Tesla events including last year’s Model 3 unveiling event, the “check-in” process for both press and non-press generally requires waiting in a lengthy line that leads to a registration table. A handful of franticly-moving Tesla employees behind the registration table will ask for your name/company, verify your name against a paper list, and then issue you a wristband and/or badge for attendance.

The use of a QR code will allow Tesla staff to expedite the registration process, ensure smoother crowd control by keeping the line moving, while also allowing the team to validate that invitations are not used more than once.

A big thanks to Model S owner and YouTuber DÆrik for providing us with an early look at the Model 3 QR code pass.

Event details as follows:

As a reminder, you are confirmed to attend the Model 3 Delivery event in Fremont, CA on Friday, July 28.


  • The unique barcode below is valid for you and three guests only
  • Invitations are non-transferable
  • IDs will be checked upon arrival
  • Guests must arrive at the same time as the primary ticket holder
  • Doors open at 7PM
  • Food and drinks will be served beginning at 7PM
  • Remarks will begin at 9PM
  • Light outerwear is recommended in case of cool weather, as the event will be held outdoors
  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn. Flat-heeled shoes recommended


  • Valet parking will be available at the Tesla South Lot and all guests will be required to provide their parking pass to security
  • If you take a ridesharing service, you will be required to present your parking pass to security upon arrival. Please enter via the Tesla South Lot and enter “Tesla South Lot” for your destination and pick up location
  • Due to very high traffic at the Fremont Supercharger location, please plan for limited charging onsite
Tesla streamlines Model 3 event check-in process with custom QR code for attendees
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