Tesla adds long overdue safety feature with new Model 3 Highland

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has added a long overdue safety feature with the new Model 3 Highland, according to the Owner’s Manual for the vehicle.

Tesla has evidently added Blind Spot Indicators based on the inclusion of the feature in the new Model 3 Highland. It details the feature in the Owner’s Manual:

“Your vehicle is equipped with a blind spot indicator located in the upper speaker grill of the driver door. You can turn it on or off by touching Controls > Lights > Blind Spot Indicator.”

Credit: Tesla

The indicator will light up or flash when a vehicle is located in the blind spot of the Model 3. This gives the driver a warning that there is a vehicle next to the car, although they may not be able to see it.

The Blind Spot Indicator is a long overdue feature that has been included in various vehicles for years.

In fact, the first vehicle to ever use a Blind Spot Detection system was the 2001 Volvo SCC Concept Car. Volvo then installed the safety feature in the 2003 XC90 SUV, which was the first production car to utilize the indicator to warn drivers of a car that was traveling alongside it.

The Blind Spot Indicator is another safety feature that has been picked by Tesla to improve the safety of its vehicles. It is far from groundbreaking, and many may question why Tesla had not installed it in vehicles previously.

Tesla also has a Blind Spot Warning Chime, which will sound if the vehicle senses a potential collision with a car that is traveling alongside. The company still has its Blind Spot Camera, which appears on the center dashscreen. However, the indicator that has just been released with the new Model 3 seems to be a more streamlined option and a more efficient warning system.

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Tesla adds long overdue safety feature with new Model 3 Highland
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