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New photos of Tesla Model 3 interior dashboard, center console and steering wheel

New photos taken of a silver Tesla Model 3 from this past weekend, and posted to the Tesla Facebook Group, provide a rare glimpse into the vehicle’s dashboard, center console and steering wheel. One might recall that we published a close-up look at the Model 3 interior last month after it was first spotted testing near Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

The latest photos gives us a clearer look at the landscape-mounted touchscreen, which resembles an off-the-shelf computer monitor that’s been bolted onto the dashboard, and two ergonomically placed cup holders with a flip-open cover that reveals storage inside the center console.

Model 3 will have a traditional three-spoke steering wheel. Each side of the steering wheel will have a single scroll button. The simplicity in design is a far departure from the Model S and Model X steering wheel which contains several buttons, each aimed at controlling various functions of the infotainment system.

We also get a clearer look at the Model 3 touchscreen which appears to have a split user interface. The left most portion of the screen appears to contain Autopilot imagery while the upper section of the screen seems to provide a top down view of the car.

With production kicking off in July and the first deliveries expected in the same month, it is no surprise that sightings of Tesla’s highly anticipated Model 3 are taking place by the day.

New photos of Tesla Model 3 interior dashboard, center console and steering wheel
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