How does Tesla’s Model 3 interior space compare to Model S and X?

Tesla Model 3’s sleek and minimalistic interior has arguably become the poster child for what self-driving cars of the future should look like. Going sans instrument cluster in favor of a center-mounted, single 15-inch, horizontal touchscreen, in one respect is groundbreaking and dares to be different from the status quo. But behind Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen’s bold center dashboard design is a purpose – one of many: maximize Model 3’s interior space.

Thanks to Joe Torbati at OCDetailing who in recent weeks has become a God amongst men in the Tesla community after posting a series of Model 3 walk around videos, we have a detailed look at how Model 3’s interior space stacks up against Model S and Model X. We’ve provided a list of Joe’s Model 3 review videos for reference.

At 6 feet tall (183 cm), Joe notes that Model 3 has a spacious driver’s seating area and ample leg room to suit his stature. Looking at a side-by-side specifications sheet that compares Model 3 with Model S interior dimensions and we can see that both match up closely. In fact, Tesla’s compact Model 3 has slightly better front and rear headroom than the Model S.

Joe also compares the interior space of Model 3 and Model X, saying that the Falcon-winged SUV is a far bigger vehicle. However, and despite Model X’s larger vehicle size, leg room in the middle row of Model X felt smaller than Model 3’s backseat.




Head room (front)  40.3″ (glass roof), 39.6″ (std)  38.8″ 41.7″
Head room (rear)  37.7″  35.3″ 40.9″ (middle row)
37.9″ (third row)
Leg room (front)  42.7″  42.7″ 41.2″
Leg room (rear)  35.2″  35.4″ 38.4″ (middle row)
32.7″ (third row)
Shoulder room (front)  56.3″  57.7″ 60.7″
Shoulder room (rear)  54.0″  55.0″ 32.7″ (middle row)
40.0″ (third row)
Hip room (front)  53.4″  55.0″ 55.6″ (middle row)
Hip room (rear)  52.4″  54.7″ 59.0″ (third row)
38.5″ (middle row)

Check out Joe’s latest Model 3 video and let us know what you think about the vehicle’s interior space. Does Model 3’s backseat look bigger than Model X’s middle row? How do you think Model 3’s interior space matches up against the Model S?


How does Tesla’s Model 3 interior space compare to Model S and X?
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