Tesla Model 3 and Model Y with FSD to receive Auto Shift function: Elon Musk

Credit: Tesla

It appears that the Tesla Model S’ new Auto Shift function would also be rolled out to other vehicles like the Model 3 and Model Y. This was according to CEO Elon Musk, who recently posted his insights about the feature on Twitter. 

While responding to an FSD Beta V9 tester who remarked that his Model 3 only required a pull from its gear shifter to take him to a restaurant, Musk noted that owners would eventually not even need to touch the gear shifter in the new Model S. 

The Tesla CEO then remarked that the capability to automatically detect which direction a vehicle should move would also be an optional setting for the company’s vehicles, provided that they have the Full Self-Driving suite activated. This suggests that even cars like the Model 3 and Model Y could receive Auto Shift functons, as long as they have FSD. 

Tesla’s Auto Shift feature uses Autopilot cameras to determine which gear must be engaged at a particular point in time. So far, the Auto Shift Out of Park feature, which was shipped with the new Model S, has proven to be quite reliable, if not extremely cautious. Tests from avid Tesla enthusiasts such as YouTube’s Tesla Raj as well as Model S Plaid owners like Omar Sultan have demonstrated that Auto Shift features could be quite convenient as well.

Musk’s recent tweet echoes his previous statements about Auto Shift, which would likely enable vehicles to perform complicated maneuvers such as three-point turns without requiring drivers to manually shift gears. This would likely require a lot of work on Tesla’s part, of course, but the function does not seem very farfetched. Teslas today already “Auto Shift” in the way that they shift to Park when drivers leave their vehicle, after all. 

Tesla has already released its FSD Subscriptions, making its advanced driver-assist suite more accessible to an even greater number of electric vehicle drivers. Features like Auto Shift, which would most definitely make the driving experience more convenient, would likely be a good way for the company to boost the adoption of FSD, both for its flagship vehicles like the Model S and its entry-level cars like the Model 3. 

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Tesla Model 3 and Model Y with FSD to receive Auto Shift function: Elon Musk
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