Parody Video of Tesla Model 3 vs Faraday Future, Porsche, Audi

Tesla Model 3 Reveal Parody Video

A new parody video comes to us from Tesla Motors Fans of YouTube depicting the fate of Audi, Porsche and Lexus, when Tesla unveiled its mass market Model 3. Let’s not forget the hopeful eyes of Faraday Future who also make a cameo in the video.


Few car launches in recent memory have captured as much attention as the Tesla Model 3. With nearly 400k reservations placed on its upcoming mass market vehicle since its official unveiling three weeks back, other automakers have taken notice, and have gone as far as commending Tesla for its success.

A recent poll showed that nearly 66% of the German market would purchase a Model 3. Tesla’s success has the auto industry in a tug of war between staying the course with its traditional model – a proven model that has lower risk with predictable revenue growth – or investing in new innovations in order to stay relevant as the future of transportation begins to take shape.

Sent to us via Tesla Motors Fans
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