Tesla Model 3 with Ludicrous Mode and 100 kWh battery hinted at in source code

The Tesla Model 3. (Credit: Tesla)

It appears that Tesla may be looking to release a version of the Model 3 that exceeds those that are currently being sold in the market today. If codes left in recent software updates from the company are any indication, it seems that a 100 kWh Model 3 may be coming, and it may even be equipped with Ludicrous Mode. 

Longtime Tesla owner-enthusiast and resident community hacker @greentheonly recently took to Twitter to share some code that he found in the electric car maker’s updates. References to future and seemingly current features for the Model 3 have been present in Tesla’s codes for some time. Interestingly, some Model 3-related features appeared to be mixed in with items that were related to the Model S and X. 

Tesla eventually took out these Model S and X-related codes in the middle of the year, leaving behind what seemed to be references to items and capabilities that were exclusively for the Model 3. This is where things became very interesting. Apart from references to new, unreleased wheel configurations, codes relating to a 100 kWh battery pack were also present. What’s more, the codes also included references to a Ludicrous Mode option for the Model 3. 

It should be noted that these codes were present in Tesla’s updates even after the electric car maker purged references to the Model S and Model X a few months ago. This then inspires the speculation that a 100 kWh battery pack and Ludicrous Mode were really intended for the Model 3. 

To be fair, Elon Musk has previously stated that the Model 3 will receive a Ludicrous Mode upgrade. When the Model 3 was recently announced, Musk confirmed the feature’s availability for the all-electric sedan. That was back in April 2016, just weeks after the initial unveiling of the Model 3. Musk has since been quite silent about any special launch mode for the all-electric vehicle.

Overall, it would be quite interesting to see just how far Tesla could push the Model 3 if the vehicle is given a massive 100 kWh battery and a Ludicrous Mode upgrade. With such a large battery pack, the Model 3 would probably have no issues hitting an EPA-rated range of 400 miles per charge, even if it’s fully performance-oriented. With Ludicrous Mode, perhaps the Model 3 could actually end up having a 0-60 mph time below 3 seconds. 

Couple all these with Track Mode and Tesla will very well end up creating a monster of an all-electric car that can out-accelerate and outperform the best ICE cars on the track. The next-gen Roadster may be an ultimate smackdown to gas cars. Perhaps the Model 3 Performance(+) will be a mini-smackdown that’s bang-for-your-buck? One could only hope.

Tesla Model 3 with Ludicrous Mode and 100 kWh battery hinted at in source code
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