Tesla Model 3 with RWD will be produced first, followed by dual motor in “6 to 9 months”

Any speculation that Tesla will be producing a fully-optioned Model 3 first can be put to rest. Elon Musk confirmed through a series of tweets, aimed at addressing questions from anxious Model 3 reservation holders, that the company will be producing rear wheel drive versions of Model 3 first. This is in sharp contrast to the production sequence seen Model X reservation holders whom were largely prioritized based on the number of options they selected for the vehicle. At that time, buyers that lived closest to Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California and selected a fully optioned vehicle would receive first deliveries.

That’s no longer the case with Model 3.

Musk confirmed via Twitter that Model 3 early production vehicles will have a rear wheel drive configuration in order to minimize configuration complexity. By reducing the number of options being made available to buyers through the Model 3 Design Studio, Tesla has a better chance with keeping to its aggressive production schedule.

Tesla uses an online design tool that allows buyers to configure their vehicle by selecting battery size, motor configuration, interior trim, and choice of Autopilot, among others. The company has been making a conscious effort to increase production efficiency by streamlining the number of unique combinations being made available on its fleet of vehicles.

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Tesla recently began creating “bundle sets” that include the most popular combination of interior trim and vehicle color. The bundle sets are being shared across both Model S and Model X. The company has also revealed that it has begun bundling insurance policies into the purchase of a vehicle in some regions.

While it makes sense that first production of Tesla’s Model 3 will be a simpler base version, allowing the company to maximize production volume, one has to question whether Tesla already has a pulse on the types of configurations its reservation holders want? A recent poll looking at early reservation data via revealed that only 7% of buyers would want a base Model 3.

Anxious reservation holders that are looking to purchase a “P” or performance version of Model 3 will have to wait until next year before hoping for delivery. If you’re part of that group and discontent with the announcement made by Musk, he has a magic want that can change all of that.

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Tesla Model 3 with RWD will be produced first, followed by dual motor in “6 to 9 months”
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