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Tesla Model 3 sales are lowering the average price of electric cars in the US

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The average selling price of electric vehicles in the United States is getting lower, according to data analyzed by auto research firm Cox Automotive. In a recent study, the firm noted that average EV prices in the US currently stand at $55,600, notably lower than last year’s average price of $64,300. That’s a 13.4% decline year-over-year.

What is quite remarkable is that the vast majority of this decline is due to one particularly popular all-electric vehicle: the Tesla Model 3. The Model 3 currently has a starting price of $38,990 before incentives for its Standard Range Plus variant, which comes equipped with Autopilot as a standard feature. Even a Tesla Model 3 Performance that’s fully-loaded with red paint, white interior, and Full Self-Driving, now tops out at $64,990.

The research firm added that Tesla, whose EV sales this year comprises mostly of Model 3 units, currently dominates the US electric car segment by a wide margin. According to Cox’s data, Tesla’s vehicles presently command 80% of the United States’s electric car sales, with competing EVs such as the Chevy Bolt and the Jaguar I-PACE corresponding to the remaining 20%.

Interestingly, the auto research firm noted that the drop in average EV prices in the United States would have been more dramatic if vehicles from other carmakers were left out of the data. This is because legacy automakers such as Audi are still at a stage in their EV initiatives where they are solely focused on pushing luxury vehicles. An example of this is the Audi e-tron 55 SUV, which commands a hefty price of around $74,800.

The total market share commanded by electric vehicles is still very small at just about 2% of the US’ overall auto sales, but it is growing at an incredibly rapid rate. Spurred by cheaper batteries and economies of scale, the prices of EVs will likely continue to drop even further. This was recently addressed by Australia-based futurist Ray Wills, who predicted that electric vehicles could reach price parity with gas-powered cars by 2023.

In terms of the electric car movement, Tesla is so far the company that is undoubtedly leading the charge. An earlier study from Cox has concluded that the Silicon Valley-based company remains the undisputed leader in raising awareness for electric transportation. Among the study’s respondents, 81% of car buyers who were open to acquiring an electric car listed Tesla as a vehicle that they were considering for purchase.

In a conference call with reporters, Cox Automotive Mobility Group manager of Research & Market Intelligence Rachelle Petusky gave credit to Tesla for positioning itself as a key leader in the electric vehicle segment. “They’ve done a wonderful job at presenting themselves as the innovative leader of electric vehicles and therefore, this is translating high awareness among consumers,” she said.

Tesla Model 3 sales are lowering the average price of electric cars in the US
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