Another look at Tesla Model 3’s touchscreen controls in finer detail (Video)

Following their recent Tesla Model 3 walkaround video, Joe at OCDetailing is back with another look at the Model 3’s touchscreen controls but with greater detail. We’ve previously provided a quick glimpse of Model 3’s unique approach to managing cabin airflow through the use of two intersecting planes of air that’s also controlled via the center infotainment system.

Fremont-based OCDetailing‘s latest video provides us with a more comprehensive look at Model 3’s HVAC system and other touchscreen-activated features, including steering wheel adjustments, driving controls, and charge settings.

Joe notes that the vehicle’s large center touchscreen and lack of a traditional instrument cluster isn’t a distraction contrary to what he originally thought prior to experiencing the Model 3. “Assuming I’m in the driver’s position, I can keep my eyes on the road and easily see this [touchscreen] out of my peripherals and do whatever I need to do”.

Joe adds, “For how easy it is to reach everything on the screen without taking my eyes off the road, it’s pretty impressive.”

We’ve added shortcuts to specific sections of the video covering the following:

A big thanks to Joe at OCDetailing for providing us with another in-depth look at the Model 3.

Another look at Tesla Model 3’s touchscreen controls in finer detail (Video)
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