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Tesla Model 3 snags UK’s best-selling car for September

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The Tesla Model 3 captured another feather in its cap for the best-selling car in the United Kingdom for September. A piece of recognition that the all-electric sedan has received many times, the Model 3 still maintains its reputation as one of the best-selling EVs globally, despite more concentrated competition in the electric vehicle sector.

According to new data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, a trade association for the UK’s motor industry, the Model 3 managed to dethrone every car in the United Kingdom, regardless of powertrain. Not only did the mass-market sedan from Tesla maintain its commonly recognized first-place position in EV standings, but it also outsold every gas-powered car in the UK as well. The Model 3 was registered 6,879 times in September 2021, beating out the Vauxhall Corse with 5,235 registrations and the BMW 3 Series with 4,788 registrations.

The Model 3 was formerly Tesla’s best-selling automobile. However, since the automaker introduced the Model Y in 2020, the Model 3 has taken a backseat to its crossover sibling. The Model Y has dethroned the Model 3 in several markets, including the United States and Norway, where electric cars are officially more popular than gas vehicles.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of information from the SMMT data is that electric vehicles are gaining market share in the UK at a tremendous rate. According to the data, BEVs were sold 32,721 times in September, a drastic increase compared to the same date last year when only 21,903 EVs were registered. This equates to a 49.4% increase in sales for September 2021 compared to the same month in 2020. Additionally, 125,141 BEVs have been sold in the UK in 2021. Through Q3 2020, only 66,611 were sold, equating to an 87.9% increase in sales in 2021 compared to 2020.

Tesla takes 3rd place in UK’s Top Car Manufacturers’ list for 2021

Unfortunately, an EV is not on the UK’s Top Ten vehicles sold Year to Date list. With the Model Y finally making its way to the European market and Tesla set to begin production at its first European Gigafactory, known as Giga Berlin, in the near future, this could change. Tesla will likely be the first automaker to break into the Top 10 YTD list with at least one of its vehicles. However, there are plenty of worthy competitors in the European market, including Volkswagen, which has performed well in the region with its development of the ID. family of EVs.

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Tesla Model 3 snags UK’s best-selling car for September
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