The Tesla Model Y invasion of Europe begins

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The Tesla Model Y invasion of the European region has officially started. This became quite evident over the weekend as the first deliveries of the all-electric crossover were reported in several European territories such as Germany and Norway, both by electric vehicle advocates and Tesla’s local staff. 

Among the first Model Y deliveries in Europe was in Dortmund-Holzwickede, Germany, with Senior Tesla advisor Can Dogan posting an image of a blue Model Y being handed over to a customer. Interestingly enough, the first Model Y delivery in Germany happened at a site that used to be a facility operated by Porsche. Today, the sprawling location hosts Tesla deliveries. 

The same was true in Oslo, Norway, which recently received its first shipment of Model Ys for the local market. Tesla Norway Senior Content and Programs Manager Even Sandvold Roland noted that the vehicles being unloaded in Oslo would be transported to different areas across the country. As per a report from local news agency, Tesla has reportedly rented Varemessa in Lillestrøm, a massive location that is typically used for trade fairs, as a likely location for Model Y deliveries. 

Roland, for his part, highlighted that Tesla would be working extremely hard to get the vehicles to their owners as quickly as possible. He also explained that the recent Model Y shipment is just one of many. “It is important to keep what we promised to the customers, and we have worked hard and will work hard to ensure that those who have ordered get a car. This is a Norwegian car that many are interested in,” he said. 

The Tesla Model Y that are currently being delivered in Europe are vehicles produced in Gigafactory Shanghai in China. This is a strategy that has been highlighted by the company in its Q2 2021 Update Letter, with Tesla stating that Giga Shanghai would be its primary vehicle export hub. Considering that its role has increased significantly, Tesla China has been updating its Model Y lines in the facility, to great effect. Just recently, it has been reported that Giga Shanghai is now capable of producing 1,000 Model Y per week

Elon Musk, for his part, seems very confident about the Model Y’s potential. Back in April, Musk noted that the Model Y could very well be the world’s best-selling vehicle based on revenue in 2022. By 2023, Musk noted that the Model Y could probably be the world’s best-selling vehicle by total number of units sold annually by 2023. 

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The Tesla Model Y invasion of Europe begins
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