Upgraded Tesla Model 3 customers report deliveries as early as this week

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

It appears that the upgraded Tesla Model 3 is about to start its first deliveries in North America soon. As per posts shared by customers of the upgraded all-electric sedan on social media, some deliveries of the new Tesla Model 3 could start as early as this week. 

While the upgraded Model 3 has been available in countries that are supplied by Gigafactory Shanghai since last year, the revamped vehicle was only launched in North America earlier this month. When Tesla’s order page for the upgraded Model 3 went live, the vehicle was listed with an estimated delivery date of January to February 2024. 

This date was later updated to February to March 2024 just a few days later. Tesla did not share details about the upgraded Model 3’s new estimated delivery dates, though electric vehicle watchers noted that the vehicle might have seen a huge influx of orders following its North American debut. As per recent posts on social media platforms such as X, it would appear that deliveries of the new all-electric sedan are indeed starting this month. 

This was hinted at in a post from Tesla UI Software Engineer David Krasniy, who noted on X that he ordered his upgraded Model 3 on January 10. As could be seen in a screenshot posted by the Tesla employee, his upgraded Model 3 has been listed with an estimated delivery date of January 25 to February 8, 2024. Other new Model 3 customers also showed screenshots pointing to delivery dates in late January, as well as early to mid-February 2024. 

Apart from an updated exterior, the new Model 3 also boasts a fully redone interior that includes customizable ambient lighting, a rear display, ventilated seats, and wireless charging pads. The vehicle also features a stalkless driving system similar to what is used in the flagship Model S sedan and Model X SUV. 

The upgraded Tesla Model 3 is currently offered in two variants: a base Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) version starting at $38,990 before options and the Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive (AWD) version priced at $45,990 before options. Notably absent from the new Model 3’s current order page is the top-tier Model 3 Performance, which is expected to be rolled out sometime later this year. 

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Upgraded Tesla Model 3 customers report deliveries as early as this week
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