Tesla Model 3, Y axed from CVRP rebate after price hikes from ‘inflation pressure’

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Tesla’s mass-market Model 3 and Model Y vehicles have been axed from the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) following the automaker’s latest price hikes due to “inflation pressure.”

A representative for the CVRP program told CarsDirect the Model 3 and Model Y were recently excluded from the program after price increases applied by Tesla pushed the EVs above the program’s MSRP caps. The $2,000 credit was taken away from the Model 3 when it went over the $45,000 MSRP cap the organization has for cars that rolled out in February, as the Model Y’s over $60,000 price tag disqualifies it for the credit due to a price threshold on SUVs and crossovers.

Any customer who ordered their vehicle on or before March 15 will still qualify for the $2,000 rebate. According to the representative, eligibility is based on the date of order, not the date of delivery.

Qualifying for the CVRP credit is not a straightforward process, the report shows. For a vehicle to qualify for the CVRP credit, the eligibility is based on the MSRP of a car’s base trim level, not including destination fees. A $70,000 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance trim still qualifies for the credit because the base trim level of the Mach-E is still below the $60,000 MSRP cap. Currently, the most affordable Model Y is the Long Range All-Wheel-Drive configuration, which sits at $62,990 before any potential savings are factored in, which disqualifies both of Tesla’s Model Y trims from the program.

Price increases were anticipated by Tesla as CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter last week the company, along with his aerospace entity SpaceX, was feeling inflation pressure. Within a day, Tesla applied price increases to every vehicle in its lineup, with the Model X Plaid receiving the most significant hike at $12,500.

Tesla raises prices across its entire vehicle lineup, Model X Plaid sees $12.5k rise

The report also stated the CVRP representative indicated Tesla customers had been calling in high volumes to ask questions about the changes. Tesla customers are also disqualified from receiving the federal EV tax credit, which is valued at $7,500 because the automaker has sold more than 200,000 units. General Motors is the only other manufacturer to not qualify for the program currently. This week, Polestar began taking orders for the Single Motor Polestar 2, which is not eligible for the CVRP credit as its base level price is above $45,000. Polestar has not sold 200,000 units, so customers will qualify for the $7,500 credit.

Tesla can requalify for the CVRP credit if the Model 3’s base trim level drops below $45,000. When that happens is up in the air as supply chain shortages, including semiconductors and chips, have been in high demand since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

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Tesla Model 3, Y axed from CVRP rebate after price hikes from ‘inflation pressure’
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