Tesla Model S crowned king in Norway summer range test

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In a way, there really is no better way to test the limits of an electric vehicle’s range than running the car until it literally stops moving. This was exactly what Norwegian motoring publication Motor.no did, and just like in its winter test, the results were the same: the Tesla Model S is a long distance champion. 

The range test this time around involved a rather impressive 32 electric cars from several manufacturers. These include Tesla, Polestar, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and even some from China, such as Xpeng, NIO, and BYD. The test involved driving the vehicles until they were empty and needed to be towed. 

This was not the first time that the Norwegian motoring publication conducted a range test. In fact, the Model S actually set a record during Motor.no’s winter range test in February. At the time, the Model S ended its journey after driving 530 km (329 miles), or just about 16% less than its estimated WLTP range.

Amazingly enough, the Model S successfully defended its crown — and then some — this time around. As noted by the publication, no car has gone further in its summer road test than the Tesla Model 3 back in 2021. At the time, the all-electric sedan stopped after traveling 654 km (406 miles). That is, at least, until now.

Fortunately for the Tesla Model S in the recent test, the weather was on its side, with clear skies and little wind, and temperatures ranging from just over 20C (68F) in the valleys and about 15C (59F) in the mountains. With such conditions, expectations were high that the Model S would go further than its WLTP estimate of 634 km (394 miles). And go further it did.

Ultimately, the Tesla Model S Long Range traveled a total of 672 km (418 miles) before stopping, which was about 6% further than its estimated WLTP range. This effectively established the vehicle as the publication’s range king on both its winter and summer tests. This would be pretty difficult to beat, at least until cars with more range such as the Lucid Air are entered into the test. By that time, however, the Model S would likely be even better, so it could probably travel further. 

While the Model S truly shone in Motor.no‘s winter range test, the other Teslas that were part of the event also showed impressive results. The Model X Plaid exceeded its rated range by 0.6%, traveling 546 kilometers (339 miles) before tapping out. The Model Y RWD, on the other hand, traveled 449 kilometers (279 miles) before running out of battery, which was 1.3% less than its WLTP range.

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Tesla Model S crowned king in Norway summer range test
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