Tesla Model S Keyless Driving in Action

Model S Keyless Driving

Tesla Keyless Driving (Firmware 6.0)Tesla Firmware 6.0 introduced the ability to drive your Tesla Model S without using a key fob. Power up the car and just drive away after authenticating through the Model S mobile app.

Model S keyless driving is enabled through the “Start” icon located on the top right corner of the mobile app. Tapping the button will initiate the keyless driving process and you’ll have 2 minutes to get to the car, unlock it (via the mobile app) and power it on by depressing your foot on the brake pedal.

We’re still not quite sure how useful this feature is since most people will likely just use the key fob, however we can see it becoming extra valuable during times when the key fob was just forgotten about.

Bjorn Nyland‘s recent video shows how the Model S keyless driving feature might work in the real world.

Source: Bjorn Nyland


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