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Tesla offers Model S and Model X customers amazing new incentive

Credit: Tesla Charging, Twitter

Tesla is now offering free charging to Model S and Model X buyers, following the introduction of another incentive for current Tesla owners.

Tesla’s recent shift in pricing strategy has been quite chaotic. Since the start of this year, the automaker has introduced six separate price cuts and, most recently, a price increase on the Model S and Model X. However, for new Model S and X customers, the company has introduced a new incentive, which more than makes up for the recent price increase.

The new incentive, free supercharging for three years, was first discovered at the end of the week as an incentive for owners to upgrade from older vehicles with unlimited free supercharging. But now, as reported by the Kilowatts on Twitter, that incentive is also being extended to new Model S and Model X customers as well.

As a growing number of people have gotten to enjoy the benefits of free supercharging, showing them how much money they can save over an entire year, this incentive has proved incredibly powerful. And even for those who have never owned an electric car, the prospect of not paying for “fuel” costs for three years is a fantastic opportunity.

However, it should be noted that this benefit is being introduced precisely because of how good free supercharging is. Some of the earliest Teslas ever sold were given access to unlimited free Supercharging, and ever since, the automaker has been working on getting customers to give it up. Though it remains unclear how successful it has been.

Tesla is far from the only automaker looking to incentivize customers with charging deals like this. However, it is certainly the only one with access to its own charging grid, the Supercharging Network.

Currently, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, and even General Motors are offering customers free or reduced rate charging with notable partners, including Chargepoint, Electrify America, and many more. However, none have yet to introduce an incentive as aggressive as three years of free charging.

With increasing competition within the EV segment, automakers may need to increase the number and value of incentives like these to attract customers, especially in the United States, where Tesla remains dominant in the market.

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Tesla offers Model S and Model X customers amazing new incentive
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