Tesla Model S Plaid ‘Cyber Cart’ attempts new quarter mile record

Tesla Model S Plaid (Credit BoostedBoiz YouTube)

The quest to break the fastest quarter-mile time for the Tesla Model S Plaid continues for YouTubers BoostedBoiz, as they returned to the track for more attempts at the record.

Last time the Model S Plaid was at the track, the car had been completely stripped and all body panels removed. Removing the vast majority of the car resulted in a weigh-in at 3.850 lbs. The “Cyber Kart,” as the YouTubers dubbed it, proceeded to make it down the track with a time of 8.83 seconds at 149 miles per hour, still well short of the record.

In their latest attempt at the record, they decided to add the front fenders, bumpers, and hood for better aerodynamic performance as the car accelerates down the track. Almost like the design of the Model S was optimized for aerodynamics for a reason.

At the track, the YouTubers also taped up the panel gaps and changed to lighter wheels and track tires from Blake Fuller, who holds many lap records in his race-modified Model S Plaid, including lap records at Sebring, Mount Washington, Homestead, and a few other raceways.

The first run down the track with better tires resulted in a time of 8.91 seconds at 151 miles per hour, and in an effort to run a faster time, they added a layer of thick plastic wrap over the roof, the passenger side door, and partially on the driver side.

The increased aerodynamics resulted in a run of 8.86 seconds at 152 miles per hour, while still slower than their run of 8.83 seconds days before, they picked up a higher mile per hour and were running on a less prepared track surface. It’ll be interesting to see if they can break the record in their next attempt at the track and if they add more to help with aerodynamics.

In another video released by the channel, they took the Model S Plaid to a spectator drag race at an oval track and took on a twin-turbo Porsche 911 Turbo S. While the Model S Plaid didn’t beat the Porsche around the track, it did keep up the car and at one point almost slid into the retaining wall at the track but was saved the by the driver.

Do you think this project will be able to break the record with a few more modifications, or has it peaked in its performance?

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Tesla Model S Plaid ‘Cyber Cart’ attempts new quarter mile record
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