Tesla Model 3 battery pack stacks up against BYD Blade Battery in comparison video

Credit: @CharlesWBoy/Twitter

A video from China has provided a quick comparison between the BYD Han’s Blade battery and the Tesla Model 3’s 2170 battery pack. While the BYD Han and the Model 3 are rivals in the domestic Chinese market, the battery packs of the two all-electric sedans are quite different.ย 

The host of the short teardown video noted that the Tesla and BYD batteries are comparably sized, but their similarities pretty much end there. A look at the battery covers of the two packs would show that the BYD Han’s battery is optimized for cost, with its plastic battery cover that is only fixed with screws.


In comparison, the Model 3’s battery pack is covered with metal and is fixed with screws and a gelatinous substance. As such, the host of the video noted that the Tesla’s batteries are better sealed and more waterproof. The cooling systems of the two batteries are quite different as well, with the BYD Han’s battery using a cooling water plate that’s attached to the upper surface of the battery cells.ย 

In a way, the teardown host noted that the BYD Han’s cooling solution is akin to placing a bottle of ice cold water on one’s cheek during a hot day, while the Tesla Model 3’s battery cooling solution is more similar to drinking ice cold water on a hot day. From such a comparison, the host noted that it’s evident which battery cooling solution is superior.

While the comparison between the BYD Han and Tesla Model 3’s battery packs is interesting, it should be noted that the two vehicles use different battery designs. The BYD Han uses the company’s Blade Batteries, which are more similar to Tesla’s 4680 structural battery pack. The Model 3 in the video, on the other hand, uses Tesla’s older 2170 battery units.ย 

Ultimately, it would be interesting to see the BYD Han’s Blade Battery be compared with Tesla’s 4680 structural battery pack. One could not help but appreciate Tesla’s engineering, however, as even the Model 3’s older battery looks very sophisticated compared to BYD’s structural pack. 

Watch the comparison video between the BYD Han and Tesla Model 3 batteries below.

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Tesla Model 3 battery pack stacks up against BYD Blade Battery in comparison video
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