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Tesla Model S dominates in extreme cold-weather testing in Norway

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Model S recently dominated an extreme cold-weather testing study performed by Norweigan outlet Motor, accumulating 530 kilometers (329.327 miles) in some of the harshest Winter conditions available.

Of the twenty-nine electric vehicles tested during the assessment, the Model S was the only vehicle to achieve at least 450 kilometers of real-world driving range in frigid temperatures and snowy terrain.

The study utilized a variety of EVs from several different manufacturers. Tesla Model S “Standard,” Model X Plaid, and Model Y Rear-Wheel-Drive vehicles participated in the study, with Mercedes EQE 300, BMW i7, Volkswagen’s ID.5 and ID.BUZZ also taking part.

The publication broke down how it tests vehicles to maintain a fair and equal opportunity for desirable results. The test is performed every six months, winter and summer, following the same route:

“A loop through Oslo, up Rv4 to Gjøvik, from there E6 up to Hjerkinn, then east and around Rondane over Venabygdsfjellet, down to Ringebu and up E6 again.”

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Credit: Motor

The cars are driven at the speed limit until their charge is depleted, and no driver support systems, such as cruise control, are permitted during the test.

Impressive in its own right, the Model S achieved a massive 530 kilometers of range on a single charge. Despite only being charged 98 percent “due to a technical problem,” the Model S Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive didn’t have a very close competitor. In fact, the vehicle that came closest was the Tesla Model X Plaid, which achieved 444 kilometers (275.889 miles). Right behind it were the BMW i4 and NINE ET7, which both achieved 434 kilometers before depleting their travel distance.

The Model S also had one of the lowest deviations from its WLTP range ratings, coming in at 16.40 percent. Of the top ten performing vehicles, the Model S had the lowest, with the Model X coming in second with 18.23 percent.

Model WLTP range Achieved range Percentage deviation, range
Tesla Model S Standard 634 530 -16.40%
Mercedes EQE 300 614 409 -33.39%
BMW i7 xDrive60 595 424 -28.74%
NINE ET7 580 434 -25.17%
BMW i4 eDrive40 565 434 -23.19%
Tesla Model X Plaid 543 444 -18.23%
Nissan Ariya 2WD 533 400 -24.95%
Volkswagen ID.5 Pro 526 378 -28.14%
Bid Han 521 406 -22.07%
Hongqi E-HS9 prototype 120 kWt 515 389 -24.47%

Tesla has battled range loss in colder climates with a variety of techniques, including the most notable, which is the heat pump.

After including the heat pump on the Model Y, Tesla eventually implemented it on its three other vehicles, with the Model S and Model X receiving the addition with its Refreshed cars in 2021.

Elon Musk once said the heat pump was “some of the best engineering I’ve seen in a while.” It was developed by Joseph Mardall and other members of the Tesla engineering team. Mardall left Tesla in early 2021 to join Zipline, a robotics and autonomy-focused logistics company.

Another fun fact: the Model S beat the record set by the 2021 Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Long Range, which made it 521 kilometers (323.734 miles).

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Tesla Model S dominates in extreme cold-weather testing in Norway
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