Tesla Model X sets 1/4 mile record (Credit: Drag Times via YouTube)

Tesla owner tricks out Model X to set incredible 10-sec 1/4 mile record

Credit: Drag Times via YouTube

A Tesla Model X Performance with Cheetah Mode’s increased power update has set an incredible 10-second quarter-mile record, once again establishing itself as the quickest production SUV in the world.

Hitting the drag strip at Palm Beach International Raceway in Florida, a unique chrome-wrapped Model X eclipsed the 1/4 mile in a blistering 10.9121 seconds. The 10-second run makes it the quickest Model X to date and the first time anyone has broken the 11-second 1/4 mile barrier in the Tesla SUV.

The latest record smashes the 11.28 second time set by a Model X P100D, Tesla’s highest Performance variant prior to the release of its newest Raven edition. It’s also significantly quicker than previous Model X that made headlines after embarrassing a Lamborghini owner at the drag strip and after making quick work of opponents in a four-way drag race shoot out.

However, the record-setting 10.91 second 1/4 mile run in the Model X packed a bit more “customizations” than its flashy chrome exterior.

The Model X owner pulled out, literally, the oldest trick in the drag racing playbook after completely gutting the interior of the vehicle. All of the seats, including the interior liners and panels, were removed as a means to reduce unnecessary weight. The owner also removed the entire frunk cargo area beneath the front hood to expose Tesla’s secret to its Bio Weapon Defense Mode.

Weight reduction can improve a vehicle’s acceleration, alter handling characteristics, and reduce braking times. By increasing a vehicle’s power to weight ratio, the car becomes more efficient and requires less energy to perform the same amount of work. Veteran racers will often cite the general rule of thumb for reduction and acceleration, noting that for every 100 lb reduction in weight, a vehicle will see a 1/10th of a second improvement in its 1/4 mile time.

Shattering previous Model X records by nearly four-tenths of a second in the latest 10-second quarter-mile blast, and one can assume that nearly 400 lbs, or more, were cut from the vehicle.

Check out the video from Drag Times to see how this Model X owner set a record after exposing the entire battery floor of the vehicle.

Tesla owner tricks out Model X to set incredible 10-sec 1/4 mile record
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