Tesla adds “Cheetah Stance” Launch Mode for acceleration boost

(Photo: Tesla Photographer/Instagram)

Just a few days ago, Tesla updated its online configurator for the Raven Model S and Model X Performance to reflect the flagship vehicles’ improved acceleration figures. While already blazingly-quick, the Raven Model S Performance’s 0-60 mph time was reduced to 2.3 seconds, while the Raven Model X was improved to just 2.6 seconds.

It appears that existing owners of the Raven Model S and Model X Performance are set to receive the acceleration boost update as well. A recent post from Tesla owner and noted YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee revealed that faster acceleration is not all that Model S owners will be receiving. More endurance for back to back full power launches are also included in the over-the-air update, on top of the vehicle’s new “Cheetah Stance” Launch Mode.

Just like other updates such as Sentry Mode, the acceleration and endurance boost to the Raven Model S and Model X Performance is a free upgrade. As per tests by veteran drag racer and longtime Tesla owner Brooks Weisblat, the Cheetah Stance Launch Mode update adds about 46 horsepower to the Model S. Such an upgrade is no joke, and the fact that it’s free makes it even better.

Following is Tesla’s message about the new Model S Performance’s acceleration and endurance boost.

Update available—Your Model S Performance just got quicker

You asked for it. With our latest over-the-air software update to Model S Performance, we improved 0-60 acceleration to 2.3 seconds and quarter-mile time to 10.4 seconds. Go for more back-to-back runs with improved thermal endurance, and activate Launch Mode with a press of the pedals. Launch Mode’s new Cheetah Stance lowers the front axle and adjusts damping before entry for better traction and faster acceleration off the line.

You’ll automatically receive this update based on your location and vehicle configuration—you can’t request the update. Connect to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot to download and install quicker.

With this recent update, the Raven Model S can now give the Porsche Taycan Turbo S an even more intense battle in the quarter mile. Few legitimate drag races between the two high-performance electric cars have been done to date, though the Taycan has an advantage in higher speeds due to its two-speed gearbox. With its recent Cheetah Stance update and acceleration boost, the Raven Tesla Model S Performance becomes a much more formidable vehicle in the quarter mile. The same goes for the Model X Performance.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that these improvements are just being rolled out to the Raven Model S and Model X Performance. Tesla has an even more formidable flagship vehicles in store in the form of the Plaid Model S and X. That vehicles will be frighteningly fast, with the Plaid Model S’ track capabilities are honed in the Nurburgring. Granted, the Plaid Model S will cost more compared to the Raven Model S Performance, but it will likely still undercut rivals such as the Taycan Turbo S, which starts at about $180,000 before options.

Tesla adds “Cheetah Stance” Launch Mode for acceleration boost
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