Tesla’s Ludicrous+ acceleration mode gets a makeover for Performance cars

Feature image: Unplugged Performance S-APEX Model S P100D

Tesla has rolled out a “Ludicrous+” acceleration mode in the latest 2019.8.1 firmware update for the Performance variants of Model S and Model X. The “+” label takes the place of the “Max Battery Power” checkbox present in previous software versions.

The company listed the change in the release notes for 2019.8.1, filing it under the heading “New Acceleration Mode.” It should be noted that the “Ludicrous+” button is only accessible from P100D and Performance S & X vehicles that have Ludicrous Mode enabled. Tesla explains the setting as follows (credit to r/TeslaMotors member u/mingjai for the screenshots):

“For easier access, we have moved the Max Battery Power button to a new Acceleration mode. To enable Max Battery Power select the “+” level under Controls > Driving > Acceleration. To cancel at any time, change the acceleration mode to another level.”

Max Battery Power is a setting that heats a Tesla’s battery to its ideal operating temperature to ensure access to 100% of available power. Heating the battery to the desired temperature could take over an hour depending on environmental conditions, but once ready, Max Battery Power propels the all-electric SUV forward in the quickest way possible.

While capable of boosting the acceleration, Max Battery Power does use up energy as the vehicle keeps the battery within an optimal temperature range. During aggressive driving scenarios, Max Battery Power also cools the battery as necessary, as noted by Tesla in the Model X Owner’s Manual.

It remains to be seen why Tesla opted to rename Max Battery Power as a new acceleration setting its flagship Performance cars, though it can be speculated that the update paves the way for another battery-specific feature that could be introduced in the near future. Both the Model X and the Model S have been in the market long enough to warrant an update, and new features that improve performance (or range for that matter) would be an excellent addition.

A recent poll ran by Teslarati has shown that the electric car community is looking forward to a potential “one more thing” surprise from Elon Musk during the Model Y unveiling. Based on the results of the poll so far (from over 3.3k votes), the Tesla community appears to be looking forward to a Model S and Model X update the most, with the option getting 34% of the votes. Tesla has been tight-lipped with any details for a potential Model S and X  update, though speculations from the community point to an interior that is more in line with the Model 3, as well as features like extended range.

Tesla’s Ludicrous+ acceleration mode gets a makeover for Performance cars
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