Tesla Model Y and Model 3 units arrive in Wellington, New Zealand

(Credit: Brendan Mckee/Teslarati Reader)

Tesla Model Y deliveries in New Zealand are imminent. 

A few Teslarati readers have informed us that Model Y and Model 3 units have arrived in the country. Recently, Brendan Mckee saw several Tesla Model Y and Model 3 cars arriving at the port in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Some Tesla cars have already been spotted on car carriers heading to delivery centers across New Zealand. Last week, Teslarati reader David saw a bunch of Model Y and Model 3 units on car carriers in Auckland, several hours away from Wellington. 

David shared that he mainly saw red and white Model Ys and Model 3s. He added that EVs below NZ$80,000 (($49,808) get government subsidies. 

“You can have one $ 1800′ add-on’, eg white leather, or a colour other than white and still be under the 80k mark. But not red, which is 3600 more,” David told Teslarati

Tesla started accepting Model Y orders in New Zealand a few months ago. In June, the Model Y RWD started at ZD$76,200 ($48,883.44), while the Dual Motor AWD performance variant costs NZD$108,900 ($69,860.98). Tesla has not increased the price of the Model Y in New Zealand since June. 

Delivery estimates for New Zealand’s Model Y RWD orders were between August to November 2022. Delivery estimates for the RWD variants are now between November 2022 to December 2022. The AWD variants delivery estimates did not change and are still between November 2022 to February 2023.

Tesla Model Y units have also arrived in Australia. Model Y deliveries in Australia have reportedly already started. 

Are you waiting for your Model Y delivery in New Zealand? I’d like to hear about your Model Y delivery experience. Contact me at maria@teslarati.com or via Twitter @Writer_01001101.

Tesla Model Y and Model 3 units arrive in Wellington, New Zealand
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