Tesla Model Y customer deliveries kick off in Australia, New Zealand next

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla Model Y reservation holders in Australia are reportedly accepting deliveries just a few hours after the units arrived in the country. 

TechAU was one of the earliest to report a supposed first Model Y delivery in Canberra on August 4. The reservation holder received a Model Y SR with white interior and upgraded 20” Induction wheels. According to the Australian media outlet, the customer was the only one to receive a Model Y early. 

Other Model Y deliveries were expected to start on August 5. Some reservation holders in Sydney received locked-in delivery dates from August 4 onwards. Whether it’s August 4 or 5, it is clear that Model Ys are ready for delivery in Australia.

Tesla Model Ys ready for delivery

Based on shared photos, most Model Y units ready for delivery are white, red, or black. Blue Model Y orders seem to be rare. One reservation holder in Australia told Teslarati that his Tesla app estimated delivery between September 11 to 20 for his blue Model Y with white interior. 

Either way, multiple car carriers were spotted across Australia transporting Model Y units to their respective delivery centers.

Demand for RHD Tesla Model Ys

In June, Tesla started accepting Model Y orders in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore. The Model Y RWD costs AU$72,300 ($49,841). The Dual Motor AWD variant starts at AU$96,700 ($66,662). The estimated delivery dates for Model Ys in Australia is February and May 2023. 

Model Y deliveries in New Zealand seem to be starting soon, too. One Teslarati reader, David, shared a photo of a car carrier headed to Auckland in New Zealand. He noted seeing mostly red and white Model Y and Model 3 units. Our source also shared that EVs below NZ$80,000 ($49,808) get government subsides.

(Credit: David)

“You can have one $1800 ‘add-on’, eg white leather, or a colour other than white and still be under the 80k mark. But not red, which is 3600 more,” said David.

Elon Musk reported that Tesla underestimated its demand for right hand drive (RHD) Model Ys. The EV automaker immediately set to work on accelerating RHD Model Y production to meet demand. 

Have you received your Model Y delivery date? I’d like to hear from you. Contact me at maria@teslarati.com or via Twitter @Writer_01001101 and share your Model Y delivery experience in Australia. 

Tesla Model Y customer deliveries kick off in Australia, New Zealand next
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