First Tesla Model Y New Zealand deliveries: First Impressions

One of the first reported Tesla Model Y cars was delivered in Auckland, New Zealand, last Friday. Dhruv and Mona from YouTube channel EV Kiwis reached out to Teslarati and shared their first impressions of the right hand drive Model Y in New Zealand. 

Model Y New Zealand Delivery: First Impressions

Dhruv and Mona picked up their RWD Model Y from a Tesla delivery center in Auckland. Fellow Teslarati reader David spotted a bunch of Model Y and Model 3 units on car carriers in Auckland a week or two ago. 

“The Model Y is everything that the locals wanted – effectively an SUV version of the Model 3 that is by far the top selling EV in Australia and New Zealand. Based on the fact that everyone and their mum wants an SUV, the Model Y offers a near perfect value package that will sell like hot cakes and help it surpass the success of the Model 3.”

Model Y RHD vs Model Y LHD

The new Tesla Model Y owners noted that the build quality of their vehicle was perfect. “We literally found zero issues with panel gaps or misalignment or even any problems internally. These cars coming out of the Shanghai factory are very solid!” they told Teslarati

They also shared some differences between the right hand drive (RHD) units delivered in New Zealand and left hand drive (LHD) Model Ys. Elon Musk commented that Tesla didn’t expect the high demand for RHD Model Ys

According to Mona and Dhruv the RWD version they received is only available in RHD markets as of this writing. Their RWD Model Y has a 60kWh LFP battery pack and a lower performance 3D7 motor, resulting in slower acceleration. 

The pair also noted that the rear passenger windows are double-paned and tinted. Mona and Dhruv’s Model Y vehicle did not come with a parcel shelf—”at least in this first batch of deliveries,” they told us.

However, their Model Y did come with Tesla’s Universal Mobile Connector (UMC), which costs an additional NZ$600 ($385.32) now. They noted that reservation holders who placed their order before July 8, 2022 would receive a free UMC with their delivery.

Tesla’s NZ website shows that the current price of the Model Y RWD is NZ$76,200 ($48,935), while Performance variant costs NZ$108,900 ($69,935). Dhruv and Mona mentioned a Clean Car Discount of NZ$8,625 that some reservation holders could avail. The requirements for the discount are listed, here.

Watch Dhruv and Mona’s Model Y delivery experience below!

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First Tesla Model Y New Zealand deliveries: First Impressions
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