Tesla customer reports red Model Y Performance delivery in Germany

The Tesla Model Y crossover. (Credit: Edmunds/Twitter)

A Tesla customer in Germany reported that he would be receiving delivery of a red Model Y Performance next month. 

A member of the Tesla Fahrer und Freunde (TFF) forum, pavlos100, shared that his red Model Y Performance’s delivery date is between September 13 and September 30. The shade of red painted on the Model Y Performance seemed to match the units made in China (MIC) at Giga Shanghai. 

After seeing pavlos100’s post, many TFF forum members and others in the Tesla Germany community speculated that the red Model Y Performance was indeed manufactured in China. One Tesla Germany community member @ModelYOwnerDACH pointed out that Performance models in Germany have not been imported from Giga Shanghai so far. 

Plus, Tesla Germany will likely not be painting vehicles the same red shade as Tesla China. Giga Berlin’s advanced paint shop will offer a Deep Crimson color, a darker shade than Tesla China’s red. Last month, Model Y units with Deep Crimson paint were spotted at Giga Berlin. The sightings hinted that the paint shop was already working on refining the color options for made-in-Germany Teslas. The other color options that Giga Berlin is expected to come out with are Mercury Silver Metallic and Abyss Blue Multi-coat.

As of this writing, Tesla Germany’s configuration page shows color options for Pearl White for free and Solid Black for an additional €1,200. The other color options are Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, and Red Multi-Coat. Silver, Blue and Red colors are available for an additional charge of €2,200. For now, it seems like Giga Berlin is focusing on making black and white Model Ys. 

Red Tesla Model Y delivery dates in Germany have already stretched into next year. The Tesla Model Y Long Range has delivery estimates between January and March 2023. Meanwhile, delivery estimates for the Performance models are well into next year, between April and June 2023.

Tesla customers in Germany have mentioned a GF4 filter that provides them with delivery estimates for cars made in Giga Berlin. Many people in Germany are waiting for Giga Berlin-made Model Ys. Tesla Giga Berlin is working hard to ramp production. This month Tesla Germany will be switching to a two-shift system to increase its production capacity. Tesla Giga Berlin aims to reach an output of 3,000 units per week by October 2022. 

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Tesla customer reports red Model Y Performance delivery in Germany
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