Tesla alerts Model Y reservation holders in Europe to expect delivery in early 2021

The Tesla Model Y. (Credit: MotorTrend)

Tesla could be expecting to deliver the Model Y crossover in Europe earlier than expected, according to some reservation holders.

Teslarati received a message from a tipster who detailed a conversation with Tesla employees on the morning of October 27th. After receiving a text message last week from Tesla that indicated his Model Y delivery would occur in December 2020, a correction was issued by the automaker, who stated that the message was meant for Model 3 reservation holders.

However, an employee in the Netherlands, where the tipster resides, called and stated that his Model Y delivery should be expected in Q1 or Q2 2020 and that it would be a build from Giga Berlin in Germany.

The source said:

“This morning, I got a call from Tesla in the Netherlands with some questions on my order. In that conversation, the Tesla employee told me that they expect to deliver my Berlin build model Y in Q1 or Q2 of 2021. They had just received an internal update on the building process in Berlin.”

Tesla has stated for months that it has planned to begin producing the Model Y in Germany in July 2021 after Giga Berlin’s production lines were installed. In the past, Tesla has managed to exceed expectations for many of its vehicles, including the Model Y. While initial deliveries were not planned to occur until late 2020, Tesla revised this on more than one occasion. It was pushed forward to Summer 2020, and ultimately, first deliveries of the crossover began in March 2020 in the United States.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin render (Credit: Tesla)

Timelines for vehicle production and deliveries have always been a rough estimate, and they rarely stay at the initial timeframe that Tesla announces. As construction at Giga Berlin continues to push forward at a drastic pace, it could be expected that the automaker is preparing for production to begin well before the expected timeline.

During the recent Q3 2020 Update Letter, Tesla stated that production was still expected to begin in 2021, but it did not indicate a precise timeframe during the year.

The company wrote:

“Construction of the Gigafactory in Berlin continues to progress rapidly. Buildings are under construction and equipment move-in will start over the coming weeks. At the same time, the Giga Berlin team continues to grow. Production is expected to start in 2021.”

Tesla Giga Berlin is coming together quickly thanks to prefabricated construction

Tesla has used prefabricated construction methods at the facility to expedite the construction process. As things continue to move swiftly ahead, there is certainly a reason to believe that deliveries could begin before the July 2021 date that has been discussed several times.

The tipster does hold an early reservation for the Model Y, pre-ordering the vehicle in April 2019 in the Netherlands. It seems the company is ultimately preparing for a massive push of the Model Y in both Europe and Asia, as Giga Shanghai is expected to begin production of the crossover in late 2020 or early 2021.

Tesla alerts Model Y reservation holders in Europe to expect delivery in early 2021
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