Tesla Model Y 7-seat option production and delivery dates revealed by Elon Musk

(Credit: @nate_mccomb/Twitter)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed that the Model Y’s seven-seat configuration will begin production in November, and will be delivered in December.

Musk has been asked about the seven-seat configuration since March when Tesla officially began delivering the vehicle to customers. Currently, only the five-seat version of the vehicle is available.

Tesla owner and enthusiast @TeslaOwnersSV on Twitter asked Musk the question. The CEO replied, “Starting production on 7 seater next month, initial deliveries early December.”

The Seven Seat Interior, as it is called on Tesla’s website, was originally planned to become available in 2021. The option tacks on an additional $3,000 to the purchase price of the car.

The design of the Y’s Seven Seat Interior has been widely-speculated by Tesla enthusiasts and owners, who questioned whether the rear row that would house the last two seats would be forward or rear-facing.

Tesla’s Model S jumpseats were previously rear-facing and were ideal for children due to size constraints, but there is no indication of what direction the seats will face as of now.

Some experiments from Tesla YouTubers, like DaErik, showed what the Model Y’s third-row seating would roughly look like in a video that was released in mid-April.

Tesla Model Y third row seat test explores options for a comfortable 7-seat setup

Additionally, other indications during Sandy Munro’s Model Y teardown series showed that mounting brackets that were installed in early production units would suggest a rear-facing third row.

However, Tesla’s reveal of the Model Y showed front-facing seats, but rarely are the designs that are detailed at company events exactly the same as when they are released.

Credit: Tesla

Musk said that the Model Y’s seven-seat configuration would likely be coming “probably early Q4” in June on Twitter. With a fairly accurate estimate from Musk during the Summer months, it is further proof that Tesla is narrowing down dates for newly released features.

The Model Y currently has two available variants: The Long Range, which is available for $49,990, and the Performance for $59,990. The Seven Seat Interior option will add $3,000 to these prices.

Tesla Model Y 7-seat option production and delivery dates revealed by Elon Musk
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