Tesla China announces Model Y with Hardware 4

(Credit: Tesla China)

Tesla Giga Shanghai’s Model Y units are upgrading to Hardware 4.0. Tesla China announced the upgrade to HW 4.0 on its official Weibo account. 

“The new generation of autonomous driving hardware 4.0 can see further, see clearer, and calculate faster,” Tesla China said on its Weibo post. 

Tesla China did not announce price changes to the upgraded Model Y vehicles with Hardware 4.0. As of this writing, the Model Y RWD starts at RMB 258,900. Meanwhile, the Dual-Motor AWD Long Range variant starts at RMB 299,990. The Model Y Performance starts at RMB 363,900 in China. Th

Tesla China also announced a new color option for the Model Y. When translated, the upgraded Model Y’s new paint option is called Quicksilver, a color previously exclusive to Giga Berlin vehicles due to its advanced paint shop.

Tesla started quietly rolling out Hardware 4 to Model S and Model X vehicles in the United States last year. Based on customer experiences, Tesla’s HW 4.0 improves processing power and significantly enhances Tesla Vision technology.

The upgrade Model Y with HW 4.0 is not Model Y Juniper—a highly-anticipated revamp and refresh of the all-electric crossover. The Model Y Juniper is expected to roll out with exterior and interior changes. 

During the TSLA Q4 and Full Year 2023 earnings call, Elon Musk teased that Tesla was already working on Hardware 5. 

“So, we’re now on what’s called Hardware 4, but it’s actually version 2 of the Tesla-designed AI inference chip. And we’re about to complete design of–the terminologies are a bit confusing about the complete design of Hardware 5, which is actually version 3 of the Tesla-designed chip because version 1 was Mobileye, version 2 was Nvidia, and then version 3 was Tesla,” said Musk.

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Tesla China announces Model Y with Hardware 4
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