Tesla Model Y frunk teardown

Tesla Model Y owner discovers new Heat Pump after frunk “teardown”

Tesla Model Y saw the introduction of a new heat pump that’s designed to be more energy-efficient and provides a more reliable range in cold weather conditions.

Until now, the Model Y heat pump was only seen in the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual, however, we now have a first look at the actual mechanism inside the all-electric crossover.

Tesla owner Erik Strait and host of the DÆrik Youtube channel recently disassembled the front trunk (“frunk”) section of the vehicle to have a closer look at the Model Y heat pump.

After removing the plastic liners in the frunk, Erik was able to discover Model Y’s heat pump located on top of the front motor assembly. Coolant lines can also be seen running through the vehicle’s firewall and to a location where Tesla’s Hardware 3 computer resides.

Tesla Model Y‘s heat pump is one of the electric crossover’s most unique features that sets it apart from other vehicles in the company’s fleet. Model S, Model X, and Model 3 utilize an electric resistance system to support heating but the nature of how it operates isn’t as conducive to range efficiency in colder climates as a heat pump would.

A heat pump can be thought of as an air-conditioning unit that operates in reverse, as outlined in our story that describes this Model Y advantage over the system used in the Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

Check out Erik’s “teardown” video and go beneath the Model Y frunk.


Tesla Model Y owner discovers new Heat Pump after frunk “teardown”
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