Tesla adds Model Y key fob with passive entry to its online shop

The Tesla Model Y compatible Key Fob. (Credit:

Tesla has added a Model Y key fob to its online shop that’s unsurprisingly no different than the Model 3 key fob. At a cost of $150 per key fob, the device provides the convenience of gaining access to your Model Y without the need to physically depress the key fob button.

Tesla describes the Model Y key fob as follows on its online shop:

“No hands required. Locking and unlocking your Tesla has never been easier. Keep your key fob in your pocket and simply pull on the door handle for easy entry. Same with the trunk. Your key fob is automatically enabled when you pair with your vehicle.

Gift box includes key fob and coin cell batteries.”

Unlike earlier versions of the Model 3 key fob which required owners to manually click to lock and unlock their vehicle, which Tesla later updated to include automated unlocking based on key fob proximity to car, the Model Y key fob also includes this “passive entry” capability. Walking up to the vehicle with the key fob will unlock the vehicle, which includes unlocking of Model Y’s power liftgate.

The new Model Y compatible Key Fob is nearly identical to the Model 3 exclusive Key Fob that Tesla released in November 2018. The sleekly-designed fob will come in a sturdy collector’s box, dawning the vehicle’s logo. The Model 3 key fob was subjected to a quick sell-out due to demand, suggesting that anyone who requires the fob for the newly released Model Y or is merely looking to have one for their Model 3 should order one as soon as they can.

The Key Fob adds an amount of convenience for Tesla owners as the device can be placed in a pocket to allow for easy entry into the vehicle by simply pulling the car handle. The Model 3 initially did not come standard with a fob, and owners were forced to use either the Tesla mobile app or the included Tesla key card.

The new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y compatible key fob is available on the Tesla store, here.

Tesla adds Model Y key fob with passive entry to its online shop
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