Tesla Model Y wins over EV rental firm that scrapped 100 Model 3 orders citing build issues

Credit: NextMove Car Rental

The Tesla Model Y was recently reviewed by a German electric car rental company known as nextmove, which highlighted the electric crossover’s advantages compared to the Model 3.

The EV rental firm is a veteran in the electric car movement, but nextmove gained particular attention last year when the company canceled a massive order of 100 Tesla Model 3 over build quality issues. The company’s supposed $5.5 million purchase made the rounds in both the niche and mainstream media.

However, it appears that the rental company has maintained an open mind with Tesla, as the firm has decided to purchase the Model Y crossover for its business despite its experience last year with the Model 3. Insights about the vehicle were shared by nextmove managing director Stefan Moeller, who was able to experience the vehicle fully.

The spaciousness of the all-electric crossover from Tesla is what seemed to be a crucial selling point for the EV rental company. The Model Y’s luggage space, along with its fold-down capable rear seating, makes plenty of room for suitcases and overnight bags. When passengers occupy the back row, it provides plenty of legroom for even the tallest passengers who may have felt slightly squished in the Model 3.

Moeller noted that his tall 6-foot 6-inch height was slightly too much for the Model 3, but this issue does not present itself in the taller, more spacious Model Y. “Moeller has to get into Model 3 in stages, it is much easier to get into Model Y – it is easy to sit on the passenger side as well in the back,” the company noted in its writeup about the all-electric crossover.

The Model Y’s performance is also quite impressive, according to the nextmove team, which noted the crossover’s 0-62 mph time of just 3.7 seconds.

Moeller suggests the Model Y will be Tesla’s biggest seller yet based on its reasonable price, performance specifications, and roomy interior. “Due to the small difference in costs compared to the Model 3, I assume that the Model Y will become Tesla’s world car and box office hit,” Moeller said.

Ultimately, the Model Y’s overall appeal seemed to convince nextmove that it was the next big thing in electric transportation. The nextmove Managing Director, for one, has stated that the Model Y will likely make waves in Germany, especially when Gigafactory Berlin starts producing the vehicle for the local market.

“The Model Y is a typical Tesla and a convincing overall package,” Moeller said. “It will probably be the new box office hit that will sell well all over the world. When the Model Y comes from the new German Gigafactory Berlin in Grünheide, we can expect a bit more in terms of processing. I am impressed with the vehicle – and as soon as the Model Y is made in Germany, we will also include it in our rental fleet for our customers.”

Tesla Model Y wins over EV rental firm that scrapped 100 Model 3 orders citing build issues
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