Tesla bumps Model Y Performance price up $500 in the U.S.

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Tesla has bumped the price of the Model Y Performance up by $500 in the United States, the second time in one week that the automaker has increased prices on its premier version of the all-electric crossover.

Tesla Model Y Performance trims are now priced at $58,490, up $500 from $57,990. Tesla increased the price of several Model 3 and Model Y configurations last weekend, with the Performance version of the Model Y increasing by $1,000 on February 4.

tesla model y performance

Tesla Model Y Performance prices increased by $500 on Friday evening. Screengrab taken from Tesla’s website.

This is now the fourth time Tesla has adjusted prices on the Model Y since 2023 started. In early January, Tesla cut prices across the entire Model Y lineup by $13,000. With a subsequent $500 increase in January and a $1,000 increase both last weekend and an additional $500 this weekend, prices are anything but fixed for the company.

Tesla may be increasing the cost of the Model Y trims as demand continues to be stimulated by the series of price fluctuations. After the Model Y’s entire lineup was added to the IRS list of vehicles qualifying for tax incentives that could potentially take $7,500 off the price of the car on February 3, Tesla has continued to adjust accordingly.

Tesla Model Y’s complete lineup now qualifies for EV tax credits through Inflation Reduction Act

Tesla estimates deliveries of the Model Y Performance for February and March. This trim level offers 303 miles of range, a 155 MPH top speed, and a 0-60 MPH acceleration rate of just 3.5 seconds.

There was no change to Tesla Model Y Long Range trim levels, which remained at $54,990. This trim level was also affected by increases last weekend when Tesla added $1,500 to its price.

With the substantial price cut in early January, Tesla is now looking to rebound and recover some of its margins that were lost through the reductions. After the full lineup qualified for the tax credit, Tesla can utilize increased prices on its vehicles to make more profit while also giving consumers a more reasonable price point through government-backed tax incentives that support the purchase of EVs.

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Tesla bumps Model Y Performance price up $500 in the U.S.
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