Tesla faces more delivery challenges as Danish union joins Swedish strike

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The effects of trade union IF Metall’s strike against Tesla Sweden seem to be rippling outward. As per recent reports, Danish dockworkers and truck drivers have reportedly halted unloading and transporting Teslas that are bound for Sweden. This was due to Danish labor union 3F Transport’s sympathy strike against Tesla Sweden. 

3F’s sympathy strike against Tesla was announced earlier this month. On December 5, the union noted that it would halt its activities that would help the electric vehicle maker transport its vehicles to Sweden. The announcement came amidst news that Tesla had started shipping cars to Sweden through Danish ports due to IF Metall’s efforts. 

In a comment to Reuters, Jan Villadsen, chairman of 3F Transport, noted that Tesla would have to follow the rules if it wants to operate in Sweden. 

“We can’t allow one man or one company to come and say, ‘I want to do this in another way, you need to change your system.’ If you want to be here, you’re very welcome, but you have to follow the rules… We know that some cars have come through Denmark. We don’t know how many but some. We know also that from today, there is not one coming,” Villadsen said. 

The 3F Transport chairman also expressed some confidence about the idea of Tesla eventually agreeing to a collective agreement with IF Metall. He also noted, however, that while 3F will stop Teslas from getting into Sweden, the transport of the EV maker’s vehicles for Danish customers would not be affected. 

“I’ve been in this game for more than 25 years, and I’ve never seen a strike that didn’t end with an agreement. All strikes end with an agreement,” Villadsen noted. 

Tesla Sweden, for its part, has maintained that it is following the country’s labor laws in its operations. The EV maker has also argued that its compensation for its workers in Sweden already exceeds that which would be offered with a collective agreement. And while collective agreements are common in Sweden, such deals are not mandatory for businesses to operate. This was something that was highlighted by German union IG Metall, which has been trying to unionize Giga Berlin’s workforce. 

While IF Metall has received sympathy strikes from several other unions, Germany’s IG Metall has noted that it would not be following suit. In a comment to Dagens Nyheter (DN), IG Metall spokesperson Markus Sievers noted that unionization efforts must come from workers themselves. “The initiative must come from the employees,” the spokesperson noted. 

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Tesla faces more delivery challenges as Danish union joins Swedish strike
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