Tesla Model Y Standard Range trim, seven seat option now available

Credit: Tesla

Tesla launched the seven-seat option for the Model Y, alongside a new Standard Range Rear-Wheel Drive variant, in its online configurator. The new entry-level Model Y trim is available for $41,990 before incentives, and the seven-seat option is available as a $3,000 option.

The Tesla Model Y Standard Range RWD features 244 miles of EPA-estimated range, a top speed of 135 mph, and a 0-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds.

As noted by the electric car maker, the Model Y’s seven-seat interior includes the following: third row seating for two, easy entry into the third row, third row USB-C charging, sliding second row with adjustable seatbacks, fold-flat second and third rows for maximum cargo storage, and electronic fold-flat releases in the trunk.

Credit: Tesla

Estimated delivery dates for the Tesla Model Y Standard Range are listed as 2-5 weeks. With this in mind, the first batch of entry-level Model Ys and its seven-seat variants would likely start populating US roads in late January.

Speculations about the Model Y’s seven-seat option have been around for some time. Tesla’s launch of the vehicle featured prototypes of a seven-seat variant, but the cramped nature of the third-row seats resulted in speculations that Tesla may be changing aspects of the seats. Automotive teardown expert Sandy Munro speculated that rear-facing third-row seats would be a potential option.

Just as expected by the EV community, the Model Y’s seven-seat interior will not be extremely cramped. This is due to the sliding second-row seats with adjustable seatbacks, allowing owners to give third-row Model Y passengers more space. With such a feature in place, small passengers such as children may find the Model Y’s third-row seats sufficient and comfortable enough.

The Tesla Model Y’s Standard Range RWD variant with seven-seat interior could be accessed here.

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Tesla Model Y Standard Range trim, seven seat option now available
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