Tesla shares inside look at Model Y seven seater’s third row in video

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A Tesla Model Y instructional video provided the community and potential buyers of the vehicle’s seven-seater option an inside look into the third row of the all-electric crossover. The extensive video showed the differences, in terms of seats and rows, between the Model Y five-seater and seven seater. 

With the Model Y seven seater has room for two extra passengers in the third row. The video reveals how passengers can access the back of the vehicle by moving the second row forward and up, which may open up enough space for children or petite adults to pass through.

Check out the official video for the 3rd row on the Y (skip to 47 seconds) from r/teslamotors

The Model Y five seater has an extra load floor at the back for extra storage. Tesla Model Y owners who opted to purchase the option with the third row still have plenty of storage space with the frunk at the front, the trunk at the back with side pockets on each side. 

Tesla will probably focus on ramping Model Y production and deliveries this year. So far, the company’s Model Y ramp seems to be going smoothly.

Tesla China announced that sales for Giga Shanghai’s Model Y would start on the first day of the year. The China-made Model Y seems to have strong and steady demand, as shown by the stream of customers flooding local showrooms throughout the country. Reports from China now indicate that recent orders of the Model Y have been listed with a delivery date of May 2021.

Giga Berlin and Giga Texas are expected to contribute to Tesla’s Model Y ramp significantly by the end of the year. Both Gigafactories should be operational by Q2 or Q3, if construction continues on schedule. 

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Tesla shares inside look at Model Y seven seater’s third row in video
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