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Tesla Model Y to use one-piece front casting in Germany: report

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla’s Giga Berlin plant plans to introduce a revolutionary new manufacturing process for the company’s vehicles, specifically the Model Y. Tesla has planned for some time to introduce a new design to the vehicle’s chassis that differs significantly from that of the Model 3, which uses around 70 parts to make the frame. The automaker planned to reduce the number of components used to a single-piece, and it started with the rear portion of the vehicle.

Now, reports have circulated from TeslaMag.de, who spoke with some of the executives in charge of the Giga Berlin plant during a recent visit to the facility. The trip shed light on Tesla’s plans for the manufacturing efficiency of the Model Y, which will be the first car produced at the company’s European plant.

Evan Horetsky, who is the leading figure in the construction process of the Giga Berlin plant, was asked if the entire frame of the Model Y would be cast in one piece. While he confirmed that this wouldn’t be the case, Horetsky indicated that Tesla would be going a step further, and the front portion of the Model Y frame would also be a single-cast design, just like the rear.

The IDRA OL6100 CS, dubbed as the “Giga Press.” (Credit: IDRA)

Tesla has introduced a rear-casting machine in Fremont, where the current builds of the Model Y are being produced. The casting machines, referred to as Giga Presses, are massive machines that will make the aluminum casting of the cars less complicated, adding to the safety and reducing the number of parts that it takes to build a piece.

CEO Elon Musk has stated that the Model Y from Giga Berlin will be a completely redesigned vehicle.

Tesla has also put a sizeable emphasis on the manufacturing processes it plans to use in the future. While demand continues to increase, the company has to find new and innovative ways to improve manufacturing efficiency.

The new production facilities are an excellent way to tackle the growth the company is experiencing, but Tesla can only build so many plants before it becomes a financial liability.

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin render (Credit: Tesla)

Instead, the company has focused on using new ways to increase efficiency, and the casting machines and designs for the new vehicles are one way Tesla is dealing with the demand spike.

The Model Y will be the first vehicle to utilize the one-piece castings, as the Model 3 still uses the old design. There is some speculation that Tesla could move to a single-piece casting for the Model 3, eventually considering the two vehicles are very similar. Still, the company has given no indication that this will happen anytime soon.

Giga Berlin is expected to start producing the Model Y in July 2021.

Tesla Model Y to use one-piece front casting in Germany: report
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