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Tesla Model Y fleet to be used in Tampa’s DASH ride-sharing program

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The Tampa Downtown Partnership has announced plans to hire “driver-ambassadors” for its upcoming Downtown Area Shared Hubs (DASH) program. The program will include the use of Tesla Model Y crossovers for ride-sharing purposes. 

The program is expected to start in October, and it is poised to offer low-cost rides to passengers. The DASH program is also expected to connect over 20 different hubs in the downtown area. Being a ride-sharing program, riders would be able to hail a Tesla Model Y for their needs, though they may also be joined by other passengers on their trips. 

Shaun Drinkard, the Interim President of Tampa Downtown Partnership, is optimistic about the upcoming program, as noted in a Florida Politics report. “Whether you live, work, play, or learn here, DASH will help everyone who comes to Tampa’s Downtown by giving them a new mobility option. A ride in a DASH Tesla will be low-cost, protected from the weather, and ideal for medium-length trips within Downtown,” he said. 

To ensure that its Model Y operators are well trained, the DASH program’s driver-ambassadors will be extensively trained in road and vehicle safety. They could also serve as guides to passengers, as they would be trained to discuss the downtown area’s seven neighborhoods, local attractions, and points of interest.

Driver-ambassadors will be trained to report any issues they encounter on their routes to maintenance staff or law enforcement as well. This would make the operators of the DASH program an additional set of vigilant eyes in the community.

One of the most promising things about the DASH program is the fact that hub-to-hub rides are expected to be just around a few bucks per session. This should make the Model Y rides reasonable and easily attainable for regular commuters. 

And while most DASH rides would be accomplished through Tesla vehicles, passengers with special needs, such as those who require wheelchair accessibility, could request an ADA-compliant van. Karen Kress, Senior Director of Transportation & Planning for the Tampa Downtown Partnership, shared a comment about the matter. 

“DASH is designed to add to the growing number of mobility options in Downtown Tampa — not replace any of them. From scooters and e-bikes to the TECO Line Streetcar and Pirate Water Taxi to HART bus service and bicycle lanes, we know that a growing urban center needs a wide range of ways to get around. That’s how we avoid congestion, reduce pollution, and help people enjoy everything their city has to offer,” Kress said. 

The Tampa Downtown Partnership expects rides to start at the beginning of October. The organization is expected to provide further details regarding hub locations, pricing, and operations in the following weeks. Additionally, driver training is set to begin in a few weeks as well.

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Tesla Model Y fleet to be used in Tampa’s DASH ride-sharing program
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