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Tesla Model Y to be deployed as Uber Premium fleet in Tokyo’s 23 wards

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Model Y is about to become a more common sight in Tokyo. As per recent reports, Uber Japan and Hinomaru Kotsu have announced that are deploying 100 Tesla Model Y crossovers to Uber Premium’s service by the end of 2024. 

Under the companies’ plan, the Model Y units will be part of Uber Premium’s exclusive fleet. The introduction of 30 Model Y units is expected to start in November, with the vehicles being deployed at Nippon Kotsu’s business locations in Setagaya Ward, Edogawa Ward, and Adachi Ward. 

As the initiative hits its momentum, the Model Y units will be provided to affiliate companies of Hinomaru Motors’ wireless group as well. The growth of the system is expected to continue until there are 100 Model Y vehicles on the road by the end of 2024.

With the Model Y’s impending arrival, Uber Japan will be launching a menu on its app’s car model selection screen that should allow customers to request for the Tesla crossover. Hinomaru Kotsu is also expected to install charging systems at its offices in Adachi and Setagaya wards to help support the Model Y fleet. These installations are expected to start in November. 

Teslas are already being sold in Japan, but the rollout of a dedicated Model Y taxi service should provide the EV maker’s vehicles with a lot more visibility to car buyers in Tokyo. Tesla’s electric cars, after all, are a pretty good match for cities like Tokyo due to their long range, which would likely result in EV owners only recharging their vehicles every few days. 

It is not just Tesla that would benefit from the rollout of the Model Y taxi service in Tokyo. With such an initiative in place, Tokyo could also set a precedence for similar programs to be launched, thereby helping the city reduce its overall carbon footprint. 

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Tesla Model Y to be deployed as Uber Premium fleet in Tokyo’s 23 wards
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