Tesla to open sales and service center in Providence, Rhode Island

Credit: Tesla Owners Silicon Valley/Twitter

A former Stop & Shop location in Providence, Rhode Island, is expected to be transformed into a new Tesla service center and showroom. The upcoming facility is poised to become one of the largest Tesla locations in the area. 

The impending arrival of the Tesla hub was announced by Paolino Properties, which owns the complex. The upcoming Tesla retail location will employ approximately 30 full-time staff once it is fully operational.

Tesla’s first store in Rhode Island opened its doors in July 2019. Other nearby Tesla stores besides Warwick are in Massachusetts, in Norwell, Dedham and Natick, and Milford in Connecticut, as noted in a report from The Providence Journal.

As per Rhode Island Energy, there are currently about 500 electric vehicle charging stations in the state. Tesla has deployed its rapid charging system, the Supercharger Network, at various locations in the state as well.

Tesla’s Supercharger stations can be found at various locations, including a number of Neon Marketplace gas stations in the area. Charging stations are also available at the Cumberland Farms in Richmond and Gurney’s Resort in Newport, among others. The Superchargers in the state would soon benefit not just Teslas, considering the adoption of the North American Charging Standard (NACS) by other automakers. 

Unlike traditional automakers that use a franchised dealership system, Tesla directly sells its vehicles to consumers. Initially, there were legal questions about this method in Rhode Island, but attorneys for the Division of Motor Vehicles confirmed its legality. 

Following California’s lead, Rhode Island passed new emissions regulations banning the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035. Several other states, such as Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington, have also joined the initiative to phase out gas-powered vehicles by the same year.

Watch a news segment about the upcoming Providence Tesla hub in the video below.

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Tesla to open sales and service center in Providence, Rhode Island
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