Tesla Model Y owner builds 7-seat option in DIY project

Credit: YouTube | i1Tesla

Tesla owner and enthusiast Brian Jenkins of the i1Tesla YouTube channel experimented with the possible configuration of the Model Y’s “yet to be determined” third-row seating orientation. With plenty of speculation regarding whether the seats will face backward or forwards, Jenkins did his own experiment and even recruited some brave participants to determine which seating arrangement was more comfortable.

Jenkins, who has a popular YouTube channel with many curiosity-invoking subjects for Tesla owners, tested the Model Y’s third-row by simply removing a seat from the second row and installing a DIY third-row seat. Installing the seat was simple and required just a small test subject to test both directions’ effectiveness.

This is not the first time Tesla owners have experimented with the possible third-row seating arrangement for the Model Y. In the past, a YouTube channel known for Tesla videos run by DaErik tested the Model Y’s third-row option with removed seats from a Model X. DaErik tested the seats with the orientation being rear-facing. The seats did fit but provided a small amount of legroom when the rear hatch was closed. This would likely only be suitable for children, young teens, and possibly small adults.

As far as the actual design goes, there is no evidence of which way the rear row will face in the Model Y. Some suggest that the unveiling event for the Model Y, which showed the third row as forward-facing, will ultimately be the design that Tesla will go with. However, the company has experimented with rear-facing jumpseats in past models. In fact, Elon Musk’s Model S had these rear-facing jumpseats, and he used them in a cross country drive with his children back in 2014.

In mid-October, Musk stated that the Model Y’s seven-seat option, which would entail a third-row installation, would start production in early November, and initial deliveries would then begin in December. There is no word on whether the seven-seater Model Y production has begun, but based on Musk’s estimations, it probably has. Whether the seats will be forward-facing or rear-facing remains to be seen, and we will likely find out when first deliveries begin during the last month of 2020.

To watch i1Tesla’s video of the Model Y’s third-row seating option, check it out below, and be sure to tell us what you think!

Tesla Model Y owner builds 7-seat option in DIY project
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