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Tesla pushes off-peak charging hours in California back to 9 PM

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has officially pushed its off-peak charging hours in California back two hours to 9 PM, giving those who wish to avoid higher kilowatt-hour charging rates a slightly later timeframe to abide by.

Off-peak charging rates allow Tesla owners to charge their vehicles for a reduced rate per kWh. The amount of stress put on the energy grid during the off-peak times is significantly lower than other hours of the day. The off-peak rates simply encourage owners to charge at less “crowded” times of the day as it puts less stress on the grid, which uses more energy during daytime hours.

Previously, Tesla had its peak hours from 11 AM to 7 PM in California. However, a new communication sent to Tesla owners in the state by the automaker (via Reddit) stated the hours would be revised.

“Starting April 12, 2022, off-peak hours will change at California Supercharger locations. Charge for less at select Superchargers before 11 AM and after 9 PM. Tap the Supercharger map pin on your in-car touchscreen to view specific rates and eligible sites. Navigate to your destination using Trip Planner, and your battery will automatically precondition before you arrive.”

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has revised off-peak hours in the past, but it usually does to prepare for heavy holiday traveling volumes. Encouraging drivers to travel at non-peak hours, Tesla will decrease the Supercharging rates per kWh to make trips more affordable. Drivers help the stress on the grid, and Tesla rewards them for that.

The last time Tesla used the off-peak strategy was during the Holiday Season in late 2021. Tesla offered completely free charging during off-peak hours at 75 Supercharging stations nationwide from December 23 to December 26. The hours Tesla considered off-peak were before 10 AM to 7 PM.

Tesla now has 30,000 active Superchargers globally, with new locations opening nearly every day.

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Tesla pushes off-peak charging hours in California back to 9 PM
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