Ford teases F-150 Lightning launch event for April 26

Preproduction model with optional equipment driven under test conditions. Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning production begins spring 2022.

Ford is teasing a launch event for its next electric vehicle, the F-150 Lightning, on April 26 as the all-electric pickup heads closer to initial deliveries.

Ford CEO Jim Farley, fresh off his recognition as Newsweek’s Greatest Auto Disruptors Executive of the Year, announced today the F-150 Lightning would have a dedicated launch event on April 26. It will take place at Ford’s Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan.

The F-150 Lightning is Ford’s second electric vehicle, following the Mustang Mach-E that launched in 2020. The F-150 Lightning is Ford’s electrified version of the pickup truck it manufactures, which has been widely popular in the United States for decades. Evidently, Ford’s transition to electric vehicles is accumulating interest among consumers, especially as the F-150 Lightning nears production and first deliveries. Ford stopped taking reservations for the vehicle after receiving nearly 200,000 orders from customers. Orderers then were able to design their trucks when Ford opened the order bank for the F-150 Lightning in January.

Now that the F-150 Lightning nears production, more details about the truck are being revealed. Recently, a Ford representative confirmed to Teslarati that a series of Monroney stickers that leaked to the F150Gen14 forums were real, revealing several range ratings and pricing points for two trim levels of the truck. The Base Level Pro Series would start at $41,669 and offer 230 miles of range. Meanwhile, the more premium Extended Range Platinum Series version of the truck would cost $93,874 and offer 300 miles of range.

Ford has also been working to increase its production capacity for its electric vehicles. In January, Ford announced it would, for the second time, double production targets for the F-150 Lightning. Ford plans to manufacture 150,000 F-150 Lightning units annually to keep up with demand.

The automaker also recently separated its electric vehicle and combustion engine vehicle projects into divisions. Ford’s EVs fall under the “Model e” division, with ICE projects being involved with the “Ford Blue” sector.

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Ford teases F-150 Lightning launch event for April 26
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