The Hummer EV’s aggressive ad campaign is working very well, claims GMC

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General Motors has been heavily promoting the GMC Hummer EV since its debut in October 2020, and according to the veteran automaker, its efforts have been paying off. This became quite evident when a steady stream of new ads about the vehicle during key events effectively made March the best month for reservations for the Hummer EV since its SUV version was unveiled a year ago. 

During an NBA All-Star Game in February, for example, GMC pushed a Hummer EV ad that featured the vehicle’s “Crab Walk” feature and basketball star LeBron James. Another ad, which highlighted the Hummer EV SUV’s specs, was also shown during the NCAA college basketball tournament. Duncan Aldred, global VP of Buick-GMC, noted that the ads raised awareness around the Hummer EV

“Awareness is a big thing, and I think that is on our side. Every time we seem to just put a little bit of an awareness tweak out there… we see the reservations follow,” Aldred said. 

To date, GMC has noted that it has registered over 66,000 reservations for the Hummer EV’s pickup and SUV variants. Aldred noted that GMC intends to keep the interest going with the vehicle. This could be done through campaigns that highlight the Hummer EV’s attributes, such as its colors, its over-the-air updates, and other features. “We’ll keep the drumbeat going,” he said. 

The Hummer EV has attracted a lot of attention, though its ramp has been very deliberate. In Q4 2021, GM delivered just one Hummer EV in the quarter, and through March, only 100 of the hulking all-electric pickup trucks have been handed over to customers. As per Aldred, however, this shortage of available Hummer EVs has actually heightened interest in the vehicle. The Hummer EV’s resale value has been quite notable, with some delivered units selling for over double their original price. 

“The more you think you can’t have something, the more you want it,” the Buick-GMC VP said. 

Interestingly enough, the Hummer EV has been attracting attention from owners of the original gas-guzzling Hummers of years past. This was highlighted by Will Churchill, co-owner of Frank Kent Motor Co. in TX. “GM did a great job by bringing it back, and you can tell by the excitement generated around it. It’s a vehicle that garners a lot of emotion. And once you’ve had one, you’re just kind of always a Hummer person,” Churchill said. 

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The Hummer EV’s aggressive ad campaign is working very well, claims GMC
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