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Tesla offers 10k Supercharging miles on Model S, X deliveries by end of Q1

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Tesla is offering a 10,000 Supercharging miles on Model S and Model X vehicles as long as customers take delivery by the end of Q1, which is Friday.

Tesla has routinely used incentives to push sales higher at the end of a quarter to pad delivery figures. In the past, it has offered things like Free Supercharging miles or even heavy discounts on vehicles to help get cars to customers in hopes of padding delivery figures.

Q1 2023 is no different. On Saturday, it was first reported by Drive Tesla that the electric automaker would push Model S and Model X vehicles out the door by offering 10,000 free Supercharging miles on cars delivered in the U.S. and Canada.

However, it appears Tesla is also incentivizing the program in Europe as well.

Along with the launch of the Loot Box in Europe, Tesla is pushing customers to take delivery of a Model S or Model X vehicle by March 31, and it is using free Supercharging credits to incentivize the purchase.

Tesla has used other incentives during the quarter to help take older Model S and Model X vehicles off the road, hoping to get customers to accept new vehicles that are fitted with updated hardware.

In late January, we reported that Tesla was pushing owners of older Model S and Model X vehicles to accept either a $3,000 discount on a new vehicle of the same model, or three years of free Supercharging miles. Qualifying vehicles must have Free Supercharging for life to be eligible for the promotion.

Tesla offers new $3,000 discount or free Supercharging with trade-ins, slashing prices further

While the most recent discount is still a good way for new Model S and Model X vehicles to get on the road and pad delivery figures, it is interesting to see Tesla not incentivizing Model 3 or Model Y sales, at least not yet.

Instead, this could be an indication that Tesla does not need to push Model 3 or Model Y sales with incentives because they are selling well already. However, there are still a few days left in the quarter, and the company could push a new incentive before the week’s end.

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Tesla offers 10k Supercharging miles on Model S, X deliveries by end of Q1
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