Tesla offers new $3,000 discount or free Supercharging with trade-ins, slashing prices further

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Update: Tesla has confirmed the Model 3 and Model Y are not included in this promotion. Paragraph 7 reflects this, as well as confirmation from Tesla.

2/2 4:10 PM: Additional details added in paragraph 3 and 7.

Tesla is now offering additional discounts or free Supercharging incentives with the purchase of new Model S and Model X vehicles, but the automaker is requiring owners to trade in an existing car.

Tesla has gotten off to a fast start in 2023 with substantial price cuts that, when coupled with government incentives, can discount vehicles by roughly $20,000 on qualifying vehicles. As we reported yesterday, Tesla seems focused on pushing sales figures up earlier in the quarter, opting for an earlier strategy as opposed to the end-of-quarter pushes that it has utilized in the past.

Now Tesla is taking it a step further, as the company is reaching out to some current owners, attempting to woo them to purchase a new vehicle with a $3,000 discount or three years of free Supercharging, as long as they trade in their Tesla. Tesla is only offering this discount to owners it reaches out to in an “invite-only” style of promotion.

Several owners who recently inquired with Tesla to purchase new vehicles through trade-in value requests or test drives have received follow-up phone calls from an Ownership Loyalty Team member offering either a discount or free Supercharging.

These discounts are being offered on top of the recent price cuts, which have decreased prices by as much as $13,000. In an email to a customer, Tesla reps said, “the options of $3k credit of a new Tesla or 3 years of free supercharger miles (whichever you prefer)” are available on trade-ins as long as the order is placed soon. It expires “in February,” but Tesla didn’t specify the exact date.

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Credit: Tesla

The rep also stated it was an opportunity to upgrade to a new vehicle while renewing its warranty. Owners offered the promotion were told they were required to trade in an existing vehicle.

Teslarati received confirmation of the offer by a member of Tesla’s Ownership Loyalty Program team. Tesla is not including the Model 3 and Model Y in this promotion, the company confirmed. Tesla showrooms were not made aware of the promotion.

The promotion is being called an “Ownership Loyalty Offer,” which could hint that Tesla is trying to keep current owners with the company instead of testing other EV options.

Tesla delivered over 1.3 million vehicles last year but narrowly missed its delivery growth targets. In 2023, the company is aiming for 1.8 million deliveries, but CEO Elon Musk said the company is capable of delivering 2 million units this year.

Tesla is evidently attempting to push more vehicles out the door at a pace quicker than ever before, and it is offering additional discounts to convince buyers to do so. The price cuts in early January were the automaker’s first move to trigger sales, and it has ignited a price war between EV manufacturers as the companies fight for market share. The offer of Free Supercharging has also been used in the past by Tesla to encourage sales of new vehicles.

In response to Tesla’s price cuts, Ford announced discounts of up to $5,900 on Mustang Mach-E trims this morning.

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Tesla offers new $3,000 discount or free Supercharging with trade-ins, slashing prices further
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